Under COVID restritctions our services have been limited, but there is a summary of our current impact here. 

Current COVID Impact

Our Impact

Children with hidden impairments often miss out on activities that their peers take for granted because of their lack of social skills, anxieties and sensory issues. 

WHISH offers our members the opportunity to take part in these activities in a supportive environment enabling them to learn new skills, meet other families like themselves and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Children can learn new skills, have better balance & co-ordination, start to communicate with others and make friends in a safe environment where they are allowed to fully participate, regardless of their physical or mental ability.

Beach Wheelchair

A beach wheelchair for WHISH disabled children that enables kids with disabilities to enjoy the beach and go in the sea, the same as their friends.

Wet Wheels Trips

Horse Riding

Our Members say...

“Great confidence gaining activities, all children are encouraged to join in regardless of ability.”

“My child was nervous to start with but found confidence and made friends.”

“Great for my youngest who doesn’t have a recognised impairment as often she can feel overshadowed by her brothers needs.”

“Fantastic. Only thing we regularly do and has made a massive difference to our family.”

“Wonderful – my daughter gets to have us to herself and it gives her lots of self esteem.”

“Pony days are great it brings my three together, which they would not do ordinarily, Karen keeps them in line. My daughter can ride now which she would not be able to do without WHISH.”

“This has given our daughter lots of confidence, she absolutely loves it. She looks forward to it. The pony days are great fun and build on the things she has learnt in her lessons."

Escape Rooms

Swimming Lessons

Our Members say...

“Both my girls love swimming and these lessons have brought them on in leaps & bounds – especially my youngest who has delayed development & communication difficulties. The 1-2-1 sessions have helped her so much, she can now swim thanks to these.”

“The family sessions are great, & the lessons have been amazing; something valued and a life skill.”

“The boys enjoy swimming & playing with the other kids during family sessions. Both boys are progressing well and progressing in lessons.”

“Our daughter could not swim prior to having lessons with WHISH. She is very confident now.”

“My son excelled!”

“My son loves swimming and we normally stay the full two hours, learning to swim is so important.”

“We look forward to the family sessions every month. Our children have gained so much from their lessons, especially my son who has an array of motor skills problems and low muscle development.”

“My kids have come so far and it is amazing to see them progress.”

“ The boys enjoy to splash around and each has gained so much confidence.”

“It’s great for my daughter to be able to swim in a less crowded pool safely.”

“The inflatable sessions give an opportunity for my child to socialise with other children; also I get to chat with other Mums. A very enjoyable activity for all.”

“All three of my children love the inflatable sessions, it’s great to have a fun - energy burning - social activity where they can just be themselves & no one will be judging them.”

“WHISH only sessions mean you know children are not going to be judged regarding their behaviour.”

Whitby Hidden Impairments Support & Help is registered in England & Wales under charity number 1160390
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